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Costumes: Our Style Advice

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The Essential Things To Remember For A Formal Costume

When you are a student or start your professional life, it is very likely that the dress code of the company in which you work requires a suit. Through this section, we will present the essential points that govern the wearing of formal attire. These tips will allow you to build your business locker serenely and efficiently . So you will save a small fortune because you will know which ones to take without any doubt during a visit to the store (Yes, we all bought costumes that we end up never wearing because we seriously wonder if it would pass in the office).

A. The Fabric/Pattern/Color

The business suit is worn in navy blue or gray (light, medium, and anthracite), EXIT black unless you are James Bond or you work in the funeral business. The black costume is reserved for the tuxedo (therefore ceremonial register) or for funerals (we avoid satin cuffs on this shot). As for the patterns, we are spoiled for choice: plain, textured, striped, checkered (especially the Prince of Wales). Finally, in terms of material, we opt for a 110s or 120s wool (which is worn in any season) then for the winter the flannel will be very elegant and warm then for the summer opt for semi-lined suits or unlined. DO: A two-piece navy blue suit with melted stripes, probably the most formal suit. DON’T: We have seen this kind of composition bloom lately. The black suit is to be banished from business and the black-tie even more. Opt instead for an anthracite gray suit or a midnight blue suit if the dark tones appeal to you.

B. The Fit

The fit of the costume is common sense, it should not be too tight (Exit The Kooples) even if you are very thin it will be very uncomfortable to wear all day. Conversely, a suit that is too large will be awkward on the move and just as unsightly as a suit that is too tight. So if we were to summarize the thing succinctly, we must wear a fitted cut when we are thin and a straighter cut when we are stronger! Finally, it is necessary to pay attention to the proportions between the collar, the cuffs, and the tie to remain coherent. DO : The suit fits well to the body without sticking to the skin. DON’T: Sleeves too long and too wide, the jacket too is too wide and goes too low to the point that its jacket makes it smaller. As for his pants, it is too wide too. Donald Trump is the perfect counter-example from top to bottom.

C. Finishes

There are many that we should dwell on because brands often differ on these points which are customizable. That said, let’s focus on the most important finishes, which are the lapels and buttoning. The simple notch lapels (they form an angle) can be found on most classic formal costumes. The notch lapels are often reserved for double-breasted suits. The shawl collar is strictly reserved for ceremonies or festive occasions. The costumes are worn closed when we are standing and open seats. On a 2-button suit, you close the top one and never the bottom one, on a double-breasted suit you close the middle one and not the others. To conclude, do not hesitate to ask questions about the construction of the costume. To know if it is a heat-sealed, semi-canvas or a complete canvas. The idea is that a thermobonded offers less beautiful cuffs and a costume that will wear out faster while a semi-backed fabric will be much more solid. As for the complete interlining, it is the Rolls Royce of mounting in costumes (in terms of comfort and durability). DO: Beautiful notch lapels with generous width which enhances the professional credibility of the wearer. DON’T: A double-breasted suit should never have a classic notch lapel, always a sharp notch. You may have read the outline of the codes that govern business suit. That said, there is a whole slew of details that will allow you to make a real difference in terms of elegance and that will affirm your clothing credibility in the professional field.

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