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Formal Shirt: Our Style Advice

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The Essential Things To Remember For A Formal Shirt

At Jamais Vulgaire we have been scouring the world for several years now in search of brands and platforms that always bring something unique. So we decided to keep this page to list all the style advice on the formal shirt that we discovered as we went along and the experience that we have accumulated for you. So that you can find your way quickly to choose the ones that will suit you best.

A. The Fabric/Pattern/Color

On a formal shirt, we generally prefer cotton in Oxford, poplin, pin-point or twill. Flannel or linen are rather reserved for the casual register! However, there are several possibilities as to the possible pattern: plain, striped or wire by wire are the main choices available to you. Any other discreet motif is portable provided that it is well-blended in the color of the shirt. Vichy, checks, chevron or tartans are patterns intended more for a more relaxed register! To conclude, we will dwell on the colors that govern the wearing of the formal shirt, namely white, sky blue, very light gray as well as pink for the most daring of us! DO: a white striped cotton shirt is a fine example of a formal shirt test-Clotilde-Ranno-shirt grand-measurement-man royal oxford-cutter DON’T: a Vichy shirt can hardly move in a formal suit, except when the pattern is well melted. In this case, it is far too pronounced which makes the shirt too casual and therefore inconsistent on a formal suit unit and tie-shirt-resize.

B. The Fit

It is a determining criterion that can ruin the wearing of it or on the contrary contribute to its success. Let’s give some concrete examples, someone who is fine will prefer something more fitted rather than a too-large shirt that will make it disappear and, conversely, a person with an imposing physique will not wear a garment with a cut that is too tight at the risk. to feel very uncomfortably dressed! To find the right sleeve length there is a simple trick: in formal attire, the sleeve of the shirt is about 1 cm longer than the costume. DO: A fit well adjusted to its morphology DON’T: Are explanations really necessary?

C. Finishes

One might think that this is a subsidiary to the first two criteria, but everyone knows the famous adage “The devil is in the details”. For the shirt, the devil is hiding everywhere. In the buttons which can be plastic or thick in pure mother-of-pearl, in the shape of the collar because you should know that there are dozens of them (Italian, French, English, cut-away, Claudine) in the technicality of the armhole, in the sharpness of the seams. Details that seem harmless but which will have a significant impact in the life of it and which also have an important role in terms of professional credibility. DO : A superb pin collar which brings volume to the very well-groomed collar to come and play with the knot of the tie. A beautiful and subtle finish that speaks volumes DON’T: Remember that the black shirt is illegal and unfit for consumption. Plastic buttons, a white stripe lining of very bad taste, a horrible buttonhole. Here is the kind of model to FLEE in all circumstances.

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