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Pick Shoes According To Your Style

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Do you struggle daily to find a good brand for men’s shoes? Be it formal, casual, athletic, or leisure- there’s an ocean of brands out there for you. But what’s the best could put you in a dilemma. We at Merkmak Shoes provide a crystal clear answer for this! Being a well-known name in the formal and outdoor shoe industry for a decade now, our range and quality of shoes are exquisite! We take exclusive pride in producing and shipping our flagship product- premium leather shoes and lux oxford shoes.

This blog by Merkmak Shoes lists out how we have shoes for every occasion in your life. From business meetings to weddings, Merkmak’s insanely huge collection has got your back! Check out our best-selling pieces below:



Our formal shoes are exclusively handcrafted with intricate details by our hardworking team. Rock these formal shoes out and steal the spotlight! These shoes are perfect for business meetings and other formal engagements as well.


Merkmak meticulously crafts them and brushes them by hand to achieve a beautifully nuanced finish. Lace-up a pair of these men’s all-day work and formal shoes. A sophisticated silhouette that will energize your workday wardrobe or underlie your black tie engagements.

Our trendy formal dress shoes are made from sumptuous materials and are excellent for weddings and formal gatherings. Incorporate these formals into your next night out and grab all attention!


Merkmak offers three colors for this piece- Black, Brown, and Wine Red.

Handcrafted to the greatest standards, these elegant Oxford shoes have double stitching and contrasting inserts. They are the ideal blend of innovation and tradition, crafted of soft hand-buffed leather for an unrivaled chromatic richness.

Select designs with broguing on the toe and upper inspire a traditional elegance with a timeless appeal. The building method is known as “Tramezza,” and it is linked with workmanship and brilliance.

Embrace Strength and Resistance with Flexibility and absolute comfort!


Brogues are a must-have style for men’s footwear. They are not only stylish and attractive, but their unusual perforations may also bring intrigue and excitement to any ensemble.


Merkmak offers a variety of 9 colors in our Lace Up Leather Brogues like Army Green, Blue, Black, Ivory,,, etc.

Our size guide would also help you in picking the perfect fit.

These shoes may completely complete your style whether you’re preparing for a sophisticated casual occasion or a semi-formal gathering.


Soft leathers and technological mesh panels in these shoes are used to offer a subtle yet striking touch to any midday casual look in the new casual designs.

Our vintage leather brogues have striking features like:

  • multi-faceted eyelets
  • chunky tubular flexed laces
  • contrasting fabrics.

The finishing touches include a cushioned sole and padded ankles for maximum comfort.



It is no new news that sneakers have always been in trend. Sneaker culture has grown from a local interest to a worldwide obsession, infiltrating the highest levels of fashion, art, and design. It is no new news that sneakers have always been in trend and rather popular. Sneaker culture has grown from local interest to a worldwide obsession, infiltrating the highest levels of fashion, art, and design. Take a look through Merkmak’s top-selling sneakers, and own a pair before it’s too late.


Presenting Merkmak’s breathable running sneakers in a camouflage print. It is time you step up your fashion game with these trendy street style sneakers.


  • Thick rubber sole with bubble curves at heel
  • Made in Ultra Light Rubber
  • Elastic laces

The laces on this pair allow for a variety of styling options, including the tongue, tucked in for a more traditional look or out for a street couture vibe. This allows you to experiment as much as you want.


Own this pair of super sporty urban sneakers by Merkmak which are often described as ‘city chic’! We offer a variety of 4 colors for you to choose from.

The upper section of the shoe is crafted from jacquard/Nappa calfskin with embossed embellishments created using a high-frequency stitching method.



Boots are at the top of the list of must-have footwear for guys. These shoes are not only functional and comfy, but they are also flexible and fashionable. A good pair of boots can easily carry you from work to the weekend.


The boot is classic, with a line that defies shifting fashions. This sophisticated yet easygoing shoe complements both professional and informal ensembles with an urban flair.

Special features:

  • Made of calfskin with a hand-treated finish
  • Triple leather sole
  • Textured pattern on the tread

The specialized craftsmanship and high-quality processing provide a fantastic outcome, which is an incentive for you to get this pair as soon as possible!


Introducing these Sleek Boots with a minimal silhouette and trademark Merkmark details.

This shoe is made using the ‘Original’ construction, which includes a sequence of processes to install the sole nearly entirely by hand.



The Oxford is the most popular kind of men’s dress shoe. For decades, the exquisite footwear design has added a stylish touch to clothes and continues to do so now. Oxfords are as flexible as they are ageless, with designs ranging from the most formal to smart casual.


These trendy shoes are composed of flexible hand-buffed leather, producing an effect of unparalleled color depth.

Special features include:

  • Double Stitching
  • Contrasting handcrafted inserts

Merkmak’s exclusive oxford shoes are available in two colours- Black and Brown. Our oxford shoes are an absolute essential staple for all gents, no matter their style.

Oxford shoes are ideal for formal occasions and parties due to their polished appearance. They look well with suits and add a smart touch to any ensemble. Oxfords are quite formal, hence a relatively casual pair of pants is required to balance their look.

Merkmak touts itself as a tough, outdoor shoe brand favored by adventure lovers, with the slogan ‘TO EMPOWER THE SEEKERS EVERYWHERE.’ At the same time, with our premium leather lines, we firmly establish ourselves among luxury footwear fans and fashion admirers. As quite evident from the above list, we meet all of your shoe requirements in the most satisfying way. All you have to do is visit our website and start shopping!

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