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The 5 Sneakers You Will Wear In 2020

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While 2020 is now well established, we have not yet wondered which sneakers we will wear this year. No need for a crystal ball to become, you just have to be attentive to what is happening on the podiums and in the shop windows of the signs. I had the idea for this article by reviewing the trendy sneakers at La Redoute, which already gives a good overview of what is being done at the moment. The beginning of the 2010s was more focused on clean and minimalist forms. Today, the trend has completely reversed and contrasts with a strong revival of the 1990s and 2000s, which is available throughout the male wardrobe and in particular the sneakers.

High Fashion Sneakers

If you had proposed a pair of Air Jordan x Christian Dior ten years ago, you would probably have been made fun of by style aficionados between two puffs of menthol cigarettes. But not anymore. Last year, the Sacai x Nike collaboration leading to the LDWaffle model was probably the biggest news in terms of sneakers. Add to this the Air Dior collab mentioned above as well as another one between Adidas and Prada which is coming and doubt is no longer allowed: 2020 will be the year of the meeting between haute couture and sneakers. This trend is the symptom of a wider trend, which is the advent of streetwear and which has started for a few years now.

20 Years Back

In line with the 1990s revival, the style of the 2000s is also making a comeback. 20 years later, we realize that the cyclical nature of fashion is a reality. While the past years have been marked by a nostalgia for the ’90s, the beginning of 2020 shows us that attention is gradually shifting to what was done at the start of the millennium. We should, therefore, expect the return of baggy jeans, and shoes like the TN Shark or the Nike Shox.

The Golden Age Of Gore

Technical and functional clothing made a significant impact on 2019, with materials usually found in the field of sportswear. The hiker look has thus become trendy. Among the materials that we find a lot, Gore-Tex particularly stands out. We have thus seen the arrival of Gore-Tex sneakers, surprisingly stylish and easy to wear. This is, for example, the case of the Stan Smith which has become waterproof, just like the Air Force One. 2020 will see the continuation of this trend.

The Sneaker Race

In continuation of the technical sneakers, the running and trail models have also been elevated to the rank of must-have by the style police. Brands have appropriated them, such as Hoka One One, Nike and Undercover’s Gyakusou with colorful models, cut for performance that bite as hard as they bark. Well, let’s be honest: you’re probably not going to run an ultra-marathon with it, but the fact that they could handle it adds a little extra flavor.

A Little Transparency

Fortunately, stylistic trends are not just a resurgence of the past. Sometimes new trends emerge without us having seen them coming. This is particularly the case of semi-transparent basketball, which appeared in 2018 on the Converse All-Star as well as on the Nike React Element 87 under the impulse of the American designer Virgil Abloh’s, You might think it was just a designer fad, yet 2 years later the trend was confirmed. We find it for example in the collaboration between Adidas and Blondey McCoy’s on the Superstar model, or on the Fila Disruptor and Nike Air Force One models. This trend remains controversial; if you are a fan, do not forget to wear socks.

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