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Versatile Range Of Shoes For Every Occasion

Versatile Range Of Shoes For Every Occasion

“You can wear anything as long as you put a nice pair of shoes with it.”

Merkmak Shoes has been a household brand in the formal and outdoor shoe industries for almost a decade. We create superb handcrafted leather brogues, moccasins, Oxford shoes, and all major dress and formal shoe designs. We are the proud proprietors of a multifaceted brand because we have shoes for every occasion. Merkmak can accommodate any event- ranging from a wedding ceremony to a business gathering. We have literally got your back!

To stand out in every situation, we propose investing in Merkmak’s excellent shoes. Our best-sellers are listed below:



 Outdoor Cross-Strap Slippers

Merkmak’s lovely suede and fabric slippers are inspired by both Moroccan babouches and your grandfather’s slippers. Slightly formal, but not overly so. Wear with a bathrobe on the sofa or with excellent pants and showy socks while visiting friends. Will also look good in your PJs on the couch or your nice jeans when you have visitors around on a Tuesday.

  • Made with premium nappa leather & lamb sueded from Italy and Spain
  • Built up insole
  • Soft leather outer sole


Anti-Slip Breathable Casual Loafers

These loafers can be summed up as stylish but with a youthful, informal vibe and individual accents. With sleek lines and an almond-shaped tip, it is our contemporary take on the metropolitan loafer. A leather band runs across the upper, adorned with a coated logo for a chic, urban look.

  • Made of soft hammered calfskin
  • double layered sole with a rubber island
  • reinforced toe and heel

The special ‘Originali’ construction is used, which involves a series of operations carried out almost entirely by hand to apply the sole. This technique requires highly specialized craftsmen. Get this pair in 3 different colors!



Basic Lace-Up Shoes

Lace-up a pair of these all-day work and formal shoes for guys. A sophisticated silhouette is destined to revitalize your workday wardrobe or reinforce your black tie engagements. Because- “The only difference between everybody and nobody is all the shoes”

Extremely classy, wearing this particular pair is a win. Pair them with a white shirt and blue pants to add a touch of sophistication to your business attire!

This pair by Merkmak has been meticulously handcrafted by our skilled workers, and are the perfect pair for special formal events.


When it comes to men’s formal shoes, Oxford is unrivaled. This Elegant footwear has been adding a stylish touch to ensembles for generations and continues to do so now. Oxfords are as flexible as they are ageless, with designs ranging from formal to smart casual.

Formal Leather Oxford Shoes

Broguing on the toe of this shoe evokes a traditional elegance with a timeless appeal. The building method is known as “Tramezza,” and it is linked with workmanship and brilliance.  

As they rightly say- “Good shoes take you to good places”. We recommend you to get this pair of super trendy Oxford shoes.

  • Double stitching
  • Contrasting inserts
  • Made of supple hand buffed leather

Merkmak’s oxford shoes are the ideal blend of innovation and tradition.


The moccasin has been at the top of the list of shoe choices. After all, it is a versatile model that is light and comfortable and can be utilized in a variety of settings. This shoe assures that you will always be properly dressed on a busy day, extending your style options.

Casual Leather Moccasins

This shoe is a classic summer shoe with a sophisticated style that is excellent for everyday elegant appearances. The thick topstitching emphasizes the great craftsmanship. Merkmak’s ultra-elegant and exquisite moccasins have a tapered line and a little flattened tip for a contemporary look.

  • Made of smooth calfskin
  • Made using the ‘tramezza’ construction method
  • combines strength and flexibility

This shoe’s manufacturing necessitates a high level of specialized and processing quality.


Breathable Casual Leather Loafers

You can’t go wrong with loafers, whether you like them or not. They are the perfect combination of comfort and stylish, both at the same time.

Introducing this pair of Trendy loafers with a young, casual feel and personalized details, by Merkmak. With sleek lines and an almond-shaped tip, it is our contemporary take on the metropolitan loafer.

Merkmak’s breathable casual leather loafers are available in a wide variety of colors like black, blue, brown, gray, and many more!


Breathable Running Sneakers

Aside from looking great, sneakers are one of the easiest fashion items that may offer you comfort while also giving you a trendy makeover.

Take a look at these ultra-stylish black sneakers. The color black is so versatile that it can be used with any color ensemble and yet make you seem sophisticated and attractive. You’d look great in them with track pants or a mini skort.

Also available in other colors like gray, red and white. Get this pair from Merkmak as soon as possible since they will be in high demand, and we don’t want our loyal customers to miss out on these!

        Breathable Everyday Casuals

Merkmak’s Breathable Everyday Casual Sneakers are now available. Our designer casual shoes will help you update your off-duty outfit. Consists of Comfortable materials and fashionable styles. Soft leathers and technological mesh panels are used to offer a subtle yet striking touch to any midday casual look in the new casual designs.

  • Bold accents
  • Multi-faceted eyelets
  • Chunky tubular flexed laces
  • Contrasting fabrics

Finishing touches include a cushioned sole and padded ankles for maximum comfort. This pair is available in a variety of colours including blue, brown, green, and others.

Merkmak is synonymous with luxury, and feeling our shoes in your hands will convince you of our commitment to excellence. We strongly believe that “Good shoes take you to good places.” Merkmak touts itself as a tough, outdoor shoe brand favored by adventure lovers, with the slogan ‘TO EMPOWER THE SEEKERS EVERYWHERE.’

We create superb handcrafted leather brogues, moccasins, Oxford shoes, and all major dress and formal shoe designs. Our passion for making the ultimate pair of shoes has garnered us enormous support, and we’ve been showered with love and trust from all around the world.

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